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©Carla Esposito​

Hi! I am Anna Fraire

I am an art and portrait photographer based in Berlin.

For collaborations please contact me at


Art Doc Magazine, September 2023

Yogurt Magazine, Quarantine Flavour, June 2020

Art Doc Magazine, September 2020

Shortlisted at Fotoroom Vasli Souza Edition, 2019


International Festival For Alternative Photography July 2023 - Multimedia Center Mala Stanica, Skopje

Signs of Impermanence April 2023 - Group Exhibition - Jinny Street Gallery, Tokyo

A Room Full of Strangers November 2022 - Group Exhibition - Kunstraum m3, Berlin

The Sun will also rise October 2022 - Group Exhibition - Neue Schule für Fotografie, Berlin

Stadt Wandel - Alles Anders? March 2021 - Group Exhibition - Fotogalerie Friedrichshain, Berlin

San Gregorio Armeno July - October 2017 -Group Exhibition - Aroma Galerie, Berlin

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